The self-locking roller NOVABLOCK shutter has many characteristics that distinguish it from the common blinds. Constructed of extruded aluminium and with an innovative micro- perforated structure, it is synonymous with great security against possible intrusions, useful for airing the house, practical for balancing light and shade, allows a wide view towards the outside and protects from the harassment of mosquitoes and insects.

It can be easily installed in villas, apartments and stores, avoiding the need for railings or other elements of protection. In fact, it is not necessary to carry out any masonry work since it can be mounted within the existing ones.



The roller blind has an innovative blocking system while lifting up from the bottom, with a resistance to tractions that are of a particularly high weight, and this is why it cannot be lifted from the outside. In the moment when the intermediate splint rotates while pressing against the guides, the Novablock system locks the shutter, ensuring good security against a typical home or shop intrusion.



The system allows, in a considerable manner, up to 3 times the passage of natural light, in comparison to a traditional roller shutter. The perforated structure provides both an easing of the harsh light and protection, in an effective manner, against the radiation generated by the sun.



The perforated splints allow one to have a wider view towards the outside of the house while safeguarding the inner privacy.



The air filters allow 10% air passage of the surface of the roller as compared to 2.8% for a classic shutter. The air circulation thus allows continuous and pleasant ventilation within the room



The special structure making up the shutters will allow you to replace or to avoid the installation of shade tents and nets for protection against insects that manage to sneak into our homes.